We lost the camera...

And so last week when Paul, Ella, and I bundled up to build a snowman, all we got were pictures on our phones :) On the upside, I have a really cute phone wallpaper now. So, let's just pretend that I took a picture of this HUGE snowman, about five and a half feet. With racquetball balls for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and a UT baseball cap. Hook 'em Horns. The snow last week was perfect for snowman building, nice and wet. Usually it is pretty powdery out here.

Today Ella tried to pull herself up on a laundry basket. She did pretty good, actually. She stayed up for about three seconds before tumbling back down. Someone needs to tell her that you are supposed to crawl BEFORE you start pulling yourself up on things! For the love.


The Jacksons said...

I love that she is getting so big! Keelia didn't do anything in the right order, so it makes me feel good when I hear other kids doing them in the wrong order too! :)
I love you. I WISH you would come to Colorado for a visit. It would make my day.

~Mary said...

great pic of the family! You all look great!!
Love your blog! now i can keep up with whats going on!