Spring has sprunk.

Wednesday afternoon was beautiful here in Idaho Falls. And by beautiful, I mean there was no cloud cover, so we actually witnessed the Sun... it's still there for those of you who were wondering. And it was in the mid to high-30s. I cannot describe to you how warm that feels after teens and twenties. I also spent the afternoon shopping for Spring clothes for Ella. And we spent the morning basking in the light coming through our windows. (When in doubt, always enjoy the sunlight from inside during these frigid months.) So throughout the course of the day, my subconscious mind began formulating a little idea. In it's beginnings, it was just a glimmer of a thought; nothing worth notifying my conscious mind about. But cautiously it gained strength, even hope, until one magnificent moment, when it emerged glorious and powerful in its implications: Spring is almost here! For an instant I embraced it, and smiled in blissful anticipation. And that's when my conscious mind kicked my subconscious mind in the groin: It's only January. Spring won't come for another four months. And that's only if you are lucky, you optimistic fool. Yeah, it was about that harsh. My conscious mind is cruel, but correct. And so I will continue to enjoy the sunlight (when it occurs) from my living room windows, and just tell Ella about the things I dream of, and hope that one day, she can experience them too.


The Jacksons said...

Jessica Joy!! How have you had a blog this long and I have been in the dark this whole time?! I love it! Now I can keep up with you so much easier.
Your little Ella is a doll. Look at her cheeks! I want to eat her. She is precious.
I love you! It sounds like everything is going well. Check out our blog, if you want!

Archiemc said...

Don't worry about those long cold Idaho winters, President Obama will instill hope for change