Have I said this yet this winter?

I love Texas.  We are at the park sans coats and Seasonal Affect Disorder is nowhere to be found.


Reflections from a Sunday morning

I came out of my bedroom after my shower Sunday morning to find my husband playing the piano and my children running around in circles; loud, busy, and lovely.  I was filled with love for my little (or big depending on your perspective) family and a sense of rightness in my little world.  Our family is going through some spiritual upheaval at the moment, and we felt the loss of community and purpose particularly keenly on Sunday.  I was particularly grateful to have the security and love of family to juxtapose that.  I wanted to take a picture to capture the moment, but blurry children running around a messy living room just wouldn't do it justice.  So I decided to include some pictures of the boys playing in the leaves instead.  Yes, Max is wearing Charlotte's shirt.  You can't tell from the picture, but it's a peplum top. The girls did a bit of leaf jumping, but were more interested in bike riding at that moment.

Christmas the First

We spent Christmas day in Houston with family, but didn't want to bring four kids worth of presents with us, so we had our own little Christmas the weekend beforehand.  The kids did not complain about having two Christmases.  Susan and Jeff came out and spent the day with us, and brought a fun little truck for the kids to play with.  Everybody had a good time pushing the baby around and Christmas the First was a success.  It was a slow day with lots of playing.  Life is so very good to us.