The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Ella was in a children's theatre program that performed the Wizard of Oz. She had the part of the Wicked Witch of the East, which mostly consisted of her laying dead. She was also in the chorus, which was fun, too. She was a bit twitchy for a dead person; it was a long scene to lay still. I was pretty impressed with the production overall. The kids didn't have anyone backstage giving cues, so they had to be really aware of their parts and take responsibility for getting out there on time. Overall, it was fun to participate in, especially since my contribution was minimal. I put on the CD to help her practice the words to the songs, and drove her to practice. I do better with low time commitment activities :)


Life around here.

Isaac lives a life of luxury where he is constantly entertained or coddled by someone. It's a pretty sweet gig, being the youngest of four. This photo is courtesy of Ella, who is also the one who plied him with toys and stuck a pacifier in his mouth. For the record, he doesn't actually use pacifiers in the traditional sense, he just chews on them when a sibling sticks it in his mouth. 

These three don't have it too bad either. Charlotte got a princess dress up (store-bought) for her birthday and literally wore it until it was falling apart, sewn back together, and falling apart again. I decided it was the cheap construction and offered to make her another one in the colors of her choosing. Ella also wanted a dress, and so did Max. I do admit to some gentle pressure to choose a knight or prince costume, but he was insistent that a princess dress was all he would be happy wearing. So I made three gowns for three happy children.  I must note here that Ella's dress is a queen dress and she corrects anyone who calls it otherwise. She also got a royal cape, just for fun.