Fashion Show

Old Navy was having a 50% off of clearance sale today, and since Ella only has clothes appropriate for the arctic tundra, I decided to invest in some clothes that would serve her in weather that is typical, for, say,

Arizona and Texas in February. Well. When I get new clothes, I like to try them all on at home

and have a mini-fashion show. So naturally, Ella would also like this approach... NOT! But too bad for her, she grows too fast for me to buy clothes without trying them on first, so she had to suffer through.

Except in this case, where I decided, they probably fit. I was done fighting.


Anonymous said...

Those clothes are SO cute! I can't wait to see y'all next month!

Love you!!

Jess and Richard said...

So cute! That is so fun! We will see you soon! :)