The boy.

My girls are out of town visiting Grandma. So Max and I are living it up, fulfilling all the dreams of an almost three-year-old. So far we have done lots of puzzles, played lots of games, read lots of books, and been to the zoo twice. This guy loves the zoo. We discovered this fact in the Spring at homeschool zoo day. I was shocked when Max showed as much enthusiasm for the animals as his older sisters, and even more disinclination to leave. 

Today we spent three hours at the zoo looking at animals, and then he was thrilled to play in the splash pad area while the baby finished his nap.



My house is full of little helpers. And while I did catch a happy moment here, I would say that a solid seventy percent of the time, Isaac is not thrilled about being "helped". It really is amazing how sturdy babies are. 



For the third year in a row, we stayed in Brownsville for a week. It is about 45 minutes away from South Padre Island, but we found an old and very affordable condo there that we have happily returned to twice. And can I just say, I love Brownsville. I will not get into all of the reasons here, but I honestly think that all other factors being equal, I might choose Brownsville. 

We went to Sea Turtles Inc., a turtle rescue nonprofit, and we made it for feeding time, which was super fun. 

Me, Jessica Lynn (the other Jessica Christensen) and Susan with the babies and Ella. And actually, you can see Paul, Charlotte, Richard, and Soren out in the water behind us if you squint. 

Max drew his first recognizable picture on vacation. It was a chalk drawing, so I could not save it for posterity. But here is a record. :) It's the Sun and he is laying on it. He has been drawing pictures for a while, but they are indiscernible. He brings them over and says things like, "Mom, look! A dinosaur!" (Or dragon.) I think there are some major advantages to drawing something as simple as the sun. The biggest of which is you don't have to tell you audience what the picture is.