Crawl Coaches Anonymous

Well, I have this confession to make. I like to put Ella into the crawling position and coach her on crawling. So far I have had zero success-- she still thinks that she should be able to move both legs at the same time and it effectively propell her forward. But relentlessly I prod each leg in turn, hoping she will pick up on the concept; I crawl all over the place, imparting to her the wisdom of age. She is not very interested in my wisdom.

Last weekend we were visiting Richard and Jess Christensen, and they had a friend over who witnessed my Crawl Coaching demonstration and asked "Don't babies usually figure that out on their own?" How right he is. So I'm throwing in the towel and trusting Ella to find her own unique crawling rhythm. Say it loud and proud, Ella: "I am a strong, confident woman!"

Here is her progress so far:


The Jacksons said...

She is darling! And she will crawl in her own time. I love that you are a mom. I wish I got to see you...ever.

AL and Jake said...

That's so exciting! I love the litte noises she's making:) SO CUTE!
Here's a little CCA confession for you...I also crawled around showing Jake how and constantly put him in the crawl position...I don't know if it helped him, but it sure didn't hurt him and I felt I was being a big helper so I feel it was a worthwhile investment of my time:) Whenever I get worried that Jake isn't doing something I think he should be doing Alan says, "oh, come on, have you ever met ANYbody that hasn't mastered the ______"(fill in the blank: roll over, crawl, etc)...that helps put my heart at ease:)

doting mom said...

Where is the video? It won't play for me!

She is so darling! I can't wait to see y'all,

love you, Mom