We will never ever ever

all be smiling at the same time.


That's all I have to say.
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Just chillin' with my homeboys.

Yes, I did try to put her pant leg down several times.  But she kept pulling it back up, because in the eyes of this two year old, that band-aid represents some serious bling.


She's a nomad. She follows the food.

We had a bag of persimmons sitting on our floor this morning while I was cooking breakfast.  (I picked them from my aunt's persimmon tree last weekend, and they are waiting to be made into something wonderful.)  At one point I glanced down and realized that she had not only found the bag, but consumed a good portion of a persimmon.  The chalky-tasting skin did not seem to deter her in the least.  This girl loves food.  If I have the nerve to eat something and not give her a bite, it is a true tragedy.


Aunt La-La.

I just love Laurel.

Paul, I and the girls stayed overnight in Huntsville before my grandfather's funeral to decrease the driving time for the girls.

Laurel was going to stay at Mom and Archie's that night.

But my mom made her stay with me. Which is funny for a couple of reasons. The first being that Laurel still listens to and does what my mom says. And the second because my mom likes me enough to let me have Laurel overnight. I have a good mom.

Then Laurel whined about how Paul and I went to bed too early.

And then she found out why we go to bed so early when all of us climbed in her bed the next morning.


That magical day.

When I was serving a mission and daylight savings rolled around, I would purposely not set my clock back the  night before and pretend I was sleeping in.  It was glorious.

You gotta celebrate the small stuff.

Happy Daylight Savings everyone!

Here's hoping my kids don't forget to set their clocks back an hour tomorrow morning.


Cute as a Bug in a Rug.

Paul came as our bug catcher, decked out in khaki. There are only so many halloweens where I get to coordinate all the costumes. Before long, Ella will have an opinion of her own.