We started our Thanksgiving with a lovely hike through the hill country. And ended with a soak in Carolyn and Tyler's hot tub. There was a delicious dinner in between. And it was a marvelous Thanksgiving.



I made an apple pie today, and the kids decided they would like to make their own pie. So they used my leftover dough and did a pretty nice job. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is that they are old enough to do this completely independently. I sat in the living room and wasted my time on the Internet while they assembled the pie. 

Life is good. 

Happy Thanksgiving!



Someone obviously needs to teach this kid how to do a duck face so her selfies can be more trendy.

Charlotte is at a delightful stage right now. She is enthusiastic about pretty much anything and revels in her ability to be truly helpful. She is learning how to read and is successfully blending letters, so she is well on her way to being independent. 

I think he looks like Ella.

I mean, not exactly like her. But more than Charlotte or Max do. And that means he looks like me, too. Because we all know that Ella and I are intergenerational twins. 



We finally got a cousin on my side of the family. We love Soren and Tate, but I have been ready for Laurel to have a baby forever!

Hooray for baby Abbi! Isaac got to attend her birth. The nurses loved having a big baby around and no one gave me a hard time for toting a two month old around labor and delivery. Isaac and Abbi are two months apart to the day, and we're sure they'll be best friends.