How I love this boy.

He is the most affectionate little person I have ever met. And he loves to be in the middle of everything. Any time he sees me and the girls roughhousing on the floor he runs over as fast as he can and throws himself on top of the pile. He loves to laugh and be silly and make us laugh. And he loves loves giving raspberries (blowing on people's tummy). He's pretty good at it, too.  He is just the most delightful little guy and we cannot get enough of him.


First day of school

Sort of. Not really.

But it is our first day of our homeschool group. So I took pictures of us all and pretended it was the first day of school.

But I wasn't organized enough to make cute signs that identify our grade level.



Tooth fairies

Ella lost her first tooth on Sunday! She was thrilled. Paul and I were thrilled. And Paul's parents were actually in town, so they were here when we pulled it out.

Well, we didn't pull really at all. Every time I tried to stick my fingers in her mouth Ella would shut it. Finally it just wiggled out.

We did forget to put money under her pillow that night. I felt like such a jerk. But Paul covered and said that sometimes the tooth fairy came during breakfast. And we had a nice time thinking up reasons why she might have been late.


Our new addition

Max loves Lina. Actually we all do. We have been thrilled with our exchange student.

Lina has been here for almost two weeks now. She is from Germany. But I like to call it Deuchland, because, really folks, what gives us the right to just make up a new name for her country!?!

She is seventeen. And she'll be with us until next summer. Paul and I like to think of her as our "practice teenager".