She is getting better.

My phone was completely wiped out on Saturday. And for some reason Ella has had it kind of a lot since then. Because now there are 177 photos on my phone from Sunday and Monday alone. But I have to say, her photography skills are really improving. She got some good ones of Charlotte and at least twenty of a turtle sunning itself by the pond today. And, I would say less than five percent of her photos are blurry.

She does take after her father, in that at least fifty percent of the pictures are self portraits. Can you ever really take too many pictures of yourself, though?


So we moved.

Remember that day that we decided to look for a new place to live? And then exactly six days later we moved into a new house. And now our old ward thinks we're crazy people. Or maybe that we were evicted or something. :)

But really, we just wanted to get it done while Paul had some time off work and we didn't really plan ahead. (Sort of. Long story.)

So now we have a crazy messy house, and I regularly wander around aimlessly and wonder if it will ever get put away.

Probably not.

But I can always find the most important things. You know, my children. And my cell phone.

Just kidding. I can't always find my cell phone.


Any guesses on who these girls are?

We spent the better part of an afternoon at my grandma's going through old pictures.

So fun.

Biggest disappointments of the afternoon?

1- I found not even one picture that might land us a spot on

2- I used to think I was so darling as a child. But now, I am so accustomed to looking at Ella, and she looks so much like me, that all the pictures of me just look a little "off".

Oh well, I'll just have to revel in her cuteness. Both my sister and my step-dad thought this picture was of Ella and Charlotte. Except they couldn't figure out why Charlotte didn't really look like herself. :)

***Update. I just showed this picture to Paul. He looked at it and said, "Whos's the little girl on the left?". I told him, "Laurel," and he said, "Whoa. It's official. Ella is going to look just like you."***


Conversing today.

Ella: Mom, when am I going to be four?

Me: In June.

Ella: My last birthday was in June, too!