Why, may I ask, does the entire country rely on predictions made by one groundhog in Pennsylvania? Because I did a little shadow-checking myself this morning, and let me tell you, there were none. For those of you who have not already realized, it is impossible to see a shadow without the Sun. And while we must assume that the Sun continues to make appearances in other parts of the country (Punxutawney, PA perhaps), I can be certain that no Idaho groundhog saw any shadows today. In all reality, they probably didn't even want to check, which may be a whole other prediction unto itself. So join with me in my rejection of the Punxsutawney prediction. I and my native groundhogs must agree that there are no shadows in Idaho today. So bring on the next season, we are ready!


The Jacksons said...

You crack me up! I love you and I miss you making me laugh!

Jess and Richard said...

I agree! And besides...shouldn't seeing shadows mean that spring is coming...bc as you can't see shadows without the sun!

Sarah and Troy said...

Well, since I practically live in PA I think what happens here is all that really matters! I added you to my bloglist- I hope you don't mind.