Happy Saturday! Paul made us a yummy breakfast this morning, and as we finished up Ella looked at him and asked, "Dadd'n mi-ming?" (Mi-ming = Swimming, ask me how long that took to figure out. Weeks. She talked about swimming for weeks without me even remotely understanding what she meant.) Mi-ming is a question that is asked at least three times a day, and invariably after dinner.

This is because, four times out of five, we go swimming after dinner. And at least twice a week Ella and Charlotte and I go while Paul is at work. Plus once or twice on Saturdays. And Ella loves it. Sometimes we put a floatie on her, and sometimes not. Regardless of her floatation devices, she fearlessly and tirelessly explores the pool.

So much fun.
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Ouch! Charlie, that really hurts!

I didn't know it was possible for a two year old and a four month old to love each other. I figured my girls would just tolerate one another until they were old enough to really play together. Not so. It was a forceful reminder this morning when Paul and I divided up shopping duties. I took Charlotte, he took Ella. When we met back up together, Ella ran toward us yelling "Baby!!", and when I picked her up to let her see Charlotte in the shopping cart, Charlotte broke out into this enormous grin. There must be some of that premortal life bonding stuff lingering on. I only wish I could remember if Charlotte, Ella, and Linds used to let me hang out with them back in premortality.

Because they are already best friends, Ella has found a game that they can play together. She puts her finger in Charlotte's mouth, and then quickly retracts it yelling, "Ow! Ow! Ow!" She is pretty convincing. The first time she did it in front of Paul, he thought she was really hurt. She then grins at Charlotte and admonishes her, "No, Baby." I couldn't figure out why she decided to play out such a strange interaction. We have been working on not biting... but that was a couple of months ago. She engages in lots of imaginative play, so I just wrote it off. Until I was telling my mother about this new game. And she informed me that the last time Ella stayed with them, they watched YouTube videos together. Yeah. That's right. Ella watched the famous Charlie biting his older brother. Classic.
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Isn't she beautiful?


Life has been just great, enjoying my two wonderful girls. And Paul. We spent Independence Day in Dallas, enjoying the fireworks from a secluded spot by a little creek that we stumbled upon by chance. The weekend festivities also included a nice afternoon hike (stroll) (one day we'll hike again), and naps for everyone.

We've been gluten free this week. Just because I wanted to try it. I held fast until this morning, when Paul suggested doughnuts for breakfast. As many of you know I am somewhat picky when it comes to breakfast foods. Even muffins typically have too much sugar for me to feel like they qualify. But I am a sucker for doughnuts. Extra gluten with that, please! Honestly, it didn't really matter. I have felt no different being off gluten, and didn't really think I would because I don't really suffer from any digestive complaints. But you hear so much about gluten these days, I thought we should give it a go. Besides, I like a good cooking challenge.

Ella started singing along to songs last week. She has been singing songs (recognizably) on her own for a couple of months. Humming might be more accurate. There are words, but I can't understand them. But I'll hear the distinct tune of ABC's floating around the house, mostly using the letters t, e, and b. Two weeks ago, I heard her singing the chorus to "I am a Child of God", it was tender. Especially sweet because I only started singing it to her at bedtime a week or so before. I was impressed at her quick learning of that one. But even sweeter, last week she started singing right along with me at bedtime. Love it. She also does a mean "Down by the Bay".

Charlotte, who has been laughing very well for tickles for a long while, (since she was two months and one week) started belly-laughing at Ella's antics the other night. That was fun. She continues to be a happy, contented baby. Thrilled at any chance to interact with anyone, especially her sister.

Alright. Time to go.


Women of the World Unite.

It occurred to me as I was putting on makeup Tuesday night, that I was merely one of thousands preparing to join in a sisterhood and celebrate... silliness.

Yep. I did it. I saw the midnight showing of Eclipse. It was a grand excuse for a much needed "Girl's Night". And I loved every minute of it. (Every minute of the girl's night. The movie was... basically a movie.)

And honestly, isn't that what this is all about? Three hours to pretend that you are not the responsible adult that you really are every other hour of your life. Five hours, if you count the waiting in line part. Six and a half hours if you count the time you spent meeting at a friend's house, eating cheesecake, and making tee-shirts to commemorate the event.

I told Paul our plan for the night. "Are you going to write things on your tee-shirt like 'Bite me, Edward?'" was his response. Deep down he really wanted one for himself.

And so, without sanctioning the books, movies, or posters, I boldly proclaim my whole-hearted approval of a reason to stay up until three in the morning and eat cheesecake with wild abandon.