Dallas Museum of Art

We take monthly field trips to the DMA, where they give an art history lesson and then take you down to their art studio to create in the style of the subject of the day. (Today was ancient Egypt and then we did a hieroglyph inspired project on a 'papyrus' scroll.)

The DMA has the most incredible art exploratory area that we often spend time doing another project afterward. I honestly cannot recommend the museum enough. It is incredible. 

So today at the DMA one of Ella's friends   approached her and they chatted for a minute about their respective projects. And then he asked her, "Do you speak Spanish?"

"Yes," Ella replied, "Hola."

(We have been learning Spanish at home during school time. Yes, homeschooling is awesome. No, she is not even remotely fluent. Her working vocabulary includes: 'Hola', 'Me gusta helado', and 'Si'. Although her comprehension often surprises me.)

Our friend then started speaking to her in rapid Spanish. (His mother is fluent and they speak it in the home.) I was not close enough to catch much of what he said, but he end by asking Ella if she wanted to come over there by his mom to work (on art).

Ella looked at him, then smiled and nodded 'yes'.

Fake it 'til you make it.