I am so grateful that we are close to so much family!  It's fun all the time, but especially at Christmas.  We spent a little time at Susan and Jeff's with Richard and Jess and their kids.  Isaac and Beckett are getting to be pretty good friends.  And I swear the last time we went over to their house Isaac grinned at Beckett with recognition.

Sisters cuddling in their Christmas jammies at my sister, Laurel's house.

Laurel and Hunter turned on the pool heater for us (it was in the high 70's in Houston).  I love Texas.

Charlotte and baby Abbi.  She's darling and loves running around after her cousins, who all seem to dote on her.


My date today.

Ella and I went on a date to Marble Slab where she chose chocolate ice cream with gummy bears, York peppermint patties, marshmallows, and hot fudge.