She smiles.

Charlotte has actually been smiling for a while. But it was still too new and sweet for me to go and get the camera to document it. I forgot about those first sweet weeks of smiling where you really can't look away until she stops smiling. It has been so fun. So I finally got it on camera.

I have been wondering, since she started smiling, when she will start smiling at me while she's nursing. And the answer is, today! There is honestly nothing more tender than looking down at your hungry baby and seeing her take a quick break to flash you a big grin. That was one of my favorite moments with Ella, too.

Ella outdid her usual nursing smile the other night (yep, still breastfeeding), when she took a break, looked up at me and said "happy girl". It was the sweetest thing. I am so grateful we still have that relationship, even though I never ever thought I would breastfeed this long. It has been an interesting breastfeeding journey, learning about the benefits of extended breastfeeding, and realizing that just don't mind nursing a toddler.


It kinda feels like we're in college...

Probably because we are. But I forgot that 'summer break' feeling. All of our friends are packing up and leaving for the summer. By next week all that will be left is the promises of a renewed friendship come Fall. I am having serious flashbacks of freshman year... But without the hope of an awesome roadtrip to comfort me. :) On the upside, if this is college, then I guess that makes Clark and Linds our 'high school' friends, which fits well, since we will be seeing them the first week of break! We live a good life.

PS Both girls are napping in their own bed right now. I don't even know what to do with myself. Weird.


I made dinner tonight.

It was the first time I have cooked a meal from scratch since Charlotte was born. I have been relying on freezer meals, Paul, kind friends, Pasta, Paul's Mom, and occasionally Papa Murphy's. It felt really good to cook. Ella has really grown up in the last month, she was surprisingly more adept in the kitchen... or at least more than I remember her being. Maybe it's just because I am comparing her to a newborn (scratch that, she's five and a half weeks she is now officially an infant). It's kind of ridiculous how long I was able to go without making a real meal. I can tell you're dying to know what we ate. I'm kind of proud of it, actually, since I didn't really plan on cooking. (Still haven't made a solid trip to the grocery store since giving birth. Just little trips for incidentals.)

We had Rosemary Red Potatoes with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. Feta and Walnut Salad with a (homemade) Red Wine Vinaigrette, Fresh Strawberries, and Peas. Ella loves Peas. We have them at least four times a week. It was supremely yummy. Almost vegan. And totally healthy. It really felt good to cook. And eat.

So, you can imagine why blogging has not been at the top of my priorities list if I am just now getting around to fixing dinner. :) I'm working on it. One day I am going to be one of those "together" Moms. Maybe next week.

For now, we are enjoying the lovely weather and spending lots of mornings and afternoons at the park. Charlotte is a sweetheart and loves snuggling with me in her wrap. Best baby investment ever. Ever.

Here's to the hope that blogging becomes regular again!


A Hairy Experience.

As you may have noticed, Paul has decided to grow a beard. We only have the one picture of the beard so far (see blog heading), but there will be more to come. Because he only has two months to grow a beard, Paul wants to make sure we get lots of pictures to document it.

Paul started growing the beard on March 12, the day he officially accepted his internship offer at AT&T. And he will shave it sometime around May 17, when he begins his internship. Basically, he feels like he doesn't have to impress anyone for these few short months, so he has adopted the mountain man look.

The funny thing is, since beard growing coincided with the birth of our second child, most of the world just thinks life is too hectic at the Christensen house for Paul to have time to shave. "I noticed Paul was looking a little haggard at church", was the comment I got from one woman the other day. Maybe that's why people are still offering to bring in meals even though it's been an entire month since I birthed anyone. It's a nice perk, anyway.


Cool Mom.

I have a confession. It's a little embarrassing. But probably normal. When I was a kid (I'm talking adolescence), I thought my mom was basically the Anti-Cool. I mean, I really liked her and everything. I never had a big problem with my mom. But as far as the coolness factor, she was not even on the charts. Although, in my defence, some of my reasoning for this assessment of 'coolness' was based on the fact that she said "Whoa, baby!" (think Kimmy from Full House) on a regular basis. That is still not cool.

Well, you may think I am doomed to be relegated to uncoolness by my girls. But I feel like I am paving a new path in motherly coolness. Not only did Ella notice that I got cool new plaid shoes. (See example in her Mother's Day Out Easter Egg Hunt picture above.) But she really likes them. That is because I have impeccable taste. And I am cool. So, if we can just hang on to this sentiment for another, say, seventeen years, I am set.

As you might notice from the Easter Egg Hunt picture, she enjoyed getting eggs. But didn't really feel the drive that the other children felt. Once she had one, she was very happy just to watch. I had to strongly encourage her to get as many as she did (four). She's so chill. Although as I am typying this she is thowing bread on the table in disgust because I won't let her walk around while eating it. So not completely chill. But mostly chill. Similar to cool. Maybe one day she will be as cool as me.
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