Our joyful child.

No nap today. Ella went to nursery for the first time. And loved it, I might add. By the time choir practice ended and we ate something it was four o'clock, and it seemed silly to put her down for a nap three hours before bedtime. So, Ella hung out with Paul and I while we worked out the kinks in the Christmas program. (Paul is the ward choir director.)

Can I just say that my child is so amazingly joyful? She bounced around the room, just thrilled to be a part of life. Jumping and laughing and teasing and chasing, so pleased to have two parents in the same room. Paul asked me today, "Is every child as happy as Ella?" And I have to say that I don't really know. Probably. Although, I have to say that Ella has an abundance of exuberance.

In any case, it was a wonderful day, despite my emotional preparation for the worst. Ella was just darling. We should skip naptime more often. Although, she was relieved to finally go to bed. Just before Paul took her upstairs to get her dressed for bed, she rummaged through a laundry basket and held out a pair of jammies. It was time.

Only two more Sundays like this, and the Christmas program will be over and we can start coming home from Church at a decent time. It is worth it though, the program will be beautiful, and it has been so fun to see it coming together. I'm just putting this out into the Universe, but I'm open to being ward choir director anytime. It has been such a unique and uplifting experience simply watching. I'd love the chance to do it again.


Good Morning!

Can life really get any better than this? I woke up this morning to a little girl giggling in my ear. She was so pleased she found us in a dark, quiet house, I suppose. I lifted her into bed with us, where she turned over and said, "Dad! Hi!". Except when she says 'hi', it is disyllabic, sounding like this: "ha-eee". Honestly, it is just not fair for all the other families in the world that I got the cutest girl ever in existence.



I have long felt that the true test of parenthood is dealing with vomit. Or, as I like to call it, "throw-up". I haven't called it that since I was a kid, but when I found Ella coated in it Thursday night, throw-up was the term I used most. Maybe it was the fatigue, maybe the memories of childhood illness snaking through the haze of the night, but whatever it was, I kept calling it throw-up and feeling a little bit like a ten year old.

Ella has spit up maybe a total of five times in her entire life. So, really, I have very little experience dealing with bodily fluids that weren't really meant to be expelled. But, I knew my time would come. Every parent must learn to deal with throw-up (yep, and I'm going to keep calling it that) with grace and poise. Or at the very least, without puking all over their child during a time of need. I like to pretend that because I am pregnant I have a weak stomach, so that Paul has to do all of the gross stuff. But, during the whole episode, I only dry heaved, maybe twice. So, don't tell Paul.

All in all, it wasn't too bad. I dragged an extra mattress into Ella's room, and we snuggled and watched a movie on the laptop for a while. (The Happiest Millionaire, actually.) I caught a few more pukes in a bucket, and eventually she fell asleep and has been her happy, loving self ever since.

So, now you know. I have arrived. I am a real parent. Bring on baby number two.


Thanks, little helper of mine.

We bought a toddler bed for Ella. Mostly because we didn't want to buy another crib, and we don't have room for a twin bed (that we already own, but is not assembled) and a crib. We discussed several options before going the toddler bed route. The most memorable option being "Why don't we just put the twin bed mattress on the floor in the front entry-way at night, and stash it in the closet during the day, and Ella can sleep there." You may be able to guess whose idea that was.
I promptly informed Paul that it doesn't matter how poor we are, Ella is not a hobo. She gets a bed. And imagine the bitterness that might begin mounting when a new baby comes to take both her bed and her room.
I picked up the bed last night and Ella and I put it together this morning. It took me about seven minutes to realize that it did not matter where I hid the screws. She would find them and play with them, so I gave up. She was the keeper of the screws.

Until I was finished assembling the bed. Shen then took the screwdriver from screw to screw making sure they were all tight enough.

What a great helper I have. She took a nap on her new bed this afternoon. It was about half as long as usual. I'm hoping that's not a bad omen for what's coming tonight. Wish me luck!