Ella Giggles

I'm testing this link (with a really cute video of Ella laughing) to see if I want to use this site in the future. I'll spend time writing later.

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My Montage 10/20/08



Spud Fest 2008

I realize some of you may believe that I have exaggerated the role of potatoes in our Idaho Lifestyle. But now that I have made you aware of the real life Spud Fest that takes place each September in Shelley, Idaho, you can better understand the pervasive effects of those marvelous tubers in our day to day lives.

It all begins with a rousing parade in the true style of Idaho... lots of tractors and pick-ups; two marching bands: the High School and the Junior High... and a team of cloggers from the big city (Idaho Falls) ranging from age 5 to 13. This year it rained. Last year people got sunburned. The year before that, it snowed. But does that stop the patriotic citizens of Idaho from wearing their spuds on their sleeves? No, sir, it does not.

Following the parade there are a variety of Potato-related activities, the most exciting of which was the free baked-potatoes booth. Paul and I got two each. :) We unfortunately left before the Tug-of-War competition began, complete with a massive pile of mashed potatoes for the losers to be tugged in to. There is also a potato picking contest, along with a talent show. And whoever said there's nothing to do in Idaho!? :)

Well, another Spud Day has come and gone. Although our lives have taken on a hollow quality about them, due to lack of potato celebration, we can always cling to the memories we made as we honored that sacred crop.


It's snowing. Right this very minute.

This is Ella. She is having her floor time wrapped up like an eskimo baby, because it is too gosh darn cold for her to be exposed to the harsh elements of our home.

Here is the living proof. I took this picture literally three minutes ago. The sad thing is that in the last three minutes, so much more snow has accumulated that I am seriously considering taking another one. Although that would be breaking Cardinal Rule #2: Avoid snow at all costs. (Ask Paul about Cardinal Rule #1.)

On a more optimistic note, the first snow of the year means that I can officially listen to Christmas music with pride. In fact, my good ol' buddy Bing is serenading me at this very moment.

Well, gang. Sorry about the break in posts. I've been visiting the Chosen Land. (Yes, I did go outdoor swimming just last week. And I can still swim faster than my cousins.) I'm going to just post things in chronological order from now on, and ignore the fact that we are three weeks behind. (But a three week delay on reporting my snow just wouldn't be the same.) Happy Holidays!