Toothless: take 2

We were not expecting Charlotte to be anywhere close to losing a tooth. She is just barely four and a half. So when she informed us that her tooth was loose, I admit I was pretty skeptical. (I was sure that it was all in her head.) But in fact, it was loose and it did come out and I don't think there was injury induced. So she was visited by two tooth fairies, because I didn't expect Paul to remember and I got up in the middle of the night after nursing the baby, so I didn't spend a lot of time messing around under her pillow. 

My friend recently told me that her tooth fairy growing up requested that teeth be left in a cup on the kitchen counter. Brilliant. Well, I tried to get Charlotte  to do that, but she said, "No! Mom, that is so silly! On the counter!? We out it under our pillow!" And so, we are stuck with the pillow tooth fairy forever more. 


So he's chubby.

No surprise there, really. That's how we make them at our house. But I never really get over the chubbiness. 

Isaac has recently become a lot more smiley. Which is super fun, of course. But today he stopped breast feeding to smile at Charlotte. 

Um, how is he going to maintain that physique if he cannot focus on his food? Seriously.