Ella lost two teeth in the last couple of weeks. One on each side of her front left tooth. I happen to think that the snaggle tooth look is a great look for her, but she is very excited for this last (loose) tooth to come out.

So this happened:

I mean, it didn't happen to us, but we saw it while we were driving and Paul insisted on pulling over. ("How many times in your life are you going to get to watch a van on fire?!")

And then after we pulled over we got to watch this:

We pulled in about the same time as the fire truck, and it must have been a pretty persistent fire, because it took them a good ten minutes spraying to get the fire completely out. 

In other news today was Ella's first swim meet. She swam backstroke, and she would have competed in freestyle, too, but the event was projected to go until 4pm and freestyle was the second to last event. So we stopped at backstroke. Next time maybe. 

We had two birthday parties today also, so it was a busy, but enjoyable day. 



We came to Brownsville last year for vacation, and when the chance to come again this year (mostly sans Paul) came up, we took it. Our friends joined us, and we have had a lovely time. 

Today we visited their zoo, which is surprisingly large for a town this small. It was a long full day, and I fully expect my children to collapse in their beds any minute. 



So, I checked out my photos because I was sure I must have taken a few good photos while at the beach for the last few days... But apparently not.

Photos or no, we have had a lovely time on South Padre Island. Paul, Jeff, and Susan have been with us since Saturday, but everyone just left, and now it is just me and the kids until next Saturday. 

So, I am sure we will continue having fun, but it is different without lots of other grown ups. Charlotte cried for, literally, twenty minutes when she realized that Grandpa and Sudie were not coming back. She loved jumping the waves with them.