Riding Her Noble Mount

We are playing at a friend's house today, who just happens to live in Dress-Up-Heaven.  Ella is loving it.  And I am really digging the pink wig.  She has just informed me that she is on her way to the Castle to go to the King's Birthday Party.  Let them eat cake!


I have good news and bad news.

The good news is Ella has conquered her fear of haircuts.

The bad news is, she enjoyed the haircut I gave her so much, that she decided to take another whack at it while I wasn't looking.

I thought I caught her before she did any damage.  All I found on the floor was a little strand of hair, and her pigtails looked intact.  So, disaster averted.

And then, later, I was stroking her sweet curly hair, and it just started coming out in my hand.  I cannot even describe how traumatizing this was for me.  I nearly wept.  And that is hard to admit, because I consider myself pretty hardcore.

Ah well, the damage is done.  And hair grows.  That has been my mantra.  Hair grows.

But I haven't had the heart to throw out the hair.  So, there it sits in a jar on my counter.


And we're back.

And I'm just shocked at how few pictures we got on our trip.  But, you'll just have to trust me when I say that we had a great time with friends and family.  We miss everyone already.  You should all move to Texas.

Also, Richard and Jess are moving to Texas.  So, we will soon have a cousin here in our very city.  As soon as he is born.  (Which should be in September or October.  So, we don't have long to wait.)  We are so excited about this new development that we periodically have conversations like this:

Jess:  Can you believe Richard and Jess are moving here!
Paul: No!  It is unreal.

And by periodically, I mean, about four times a day.

(Richard is Paul's brother.)

We are now on the job hunt.  Because Paul's Dad needs a job here.  So does Amanda, but I don't think she'll move.  But we want her to anyway.  Because Carolyn is already here.  And who ever thought that would happen?  Texas was not on her "list of places that she would willingly move".

I think we might have a disease called Texan-itis and everyone is catching it.  Watch out.  You may be next.