Colorado vacation

Back in the olden days I would have invested at least 20-30 seconds into coming up with a blog post title that was at least semi-creative. Those days are gone for now. Today it was a 3 second reflection on what a lame title "Colorado vacation" is. 

But it was a great vacation. Our family has done a Spring vacation for the last several years. And it has always been somewhere warm. Although last year we went to New Mecico where we had both warm and snow days, so that was fun.


The kids requested that we see the snow this year, and so we decided on a town on the southern border of Colorado. It was perfect. The majority of our snow play was free (sledding on a local hill and building snowmen) but we did splurge one day on downhill skiing. The plan was to get a sitter for the little kids (Charlotte, Max, and Isaac), but the night before, Charlotte threw up, so we cancelled the sitter and Paul and I took turns watching the kids while the other skied. Ella was in ski school all day. 

We had a lovely time over all, even though Charlotte was not at her best. We love going on vacation as a family. Life is so good when all you have to do is play.