I can only see two options.

One: My sister, Laurel, and I are the two funniest people on this planet.


Two: We get each other in a way that defies understanding.

I'm hoping for the first.

But the truth is, with everyone else, I am pretty boring.  Why don't I have unbelievably witty things to say when my friends are around?  Why can I not evoke that level of laughter when I need to impress new acquaintances?

I either need to work on my one liners, or start inviting Laurel to all of my social events.  Because I'm guessing that my joke about blood-clotting is just not going to have the same effect on everyone else.



Big debut.

In case you were worried, Ella totally nailed her line in the Primary Program on Sunday. Paul wouldn't let me take a video. So you only have my word. And I'm not biased or anything.

We've been practicing her line for weeks. And I'm pretty sure Charlotte (who had no part, because she's too young) had it memorized too.

Meanwhile, our sweet little Max continues to be incredibly good-natured, (unless he's in his carseat) fundamentally chubby, and unbelievably ticklish.

I am very blessed.


Mazel Tov!

We recently attended the wedding of some good friends. (Who are Jewish, if you can't tell.) And had such a nice time that we are considering converting.

Hello!? Why didn't I insist that someone put me on a chair and dance around with me while lifting the chair high in the air at our wedding? It was maybe the coolest tradition. That and breaking the glass. And the big dance around in the circle dance. It's not just in the movies, y'all.

It was awesome.

Plus, Paul looks hot in a Yamaka.