I know you want to homeschool, too.

Because we had school at the park today. And it was amazing. 


My ballerina

Max loves to dance. He twirls around the dining room to , sometimes with his sisters, sometimes without. And recently, while dancing, Charlotte let him borrow one of her tutus so he could be a "real ballerina". Well, he is now officially my most tutu obsessed child. He has been known to wear them to sleep, and often requests them when we are going somewhere special. I have had to dig in the laundry for clean ones on occasion. And we own, like, three. When his cousin Soren came over today, Max hurried to put his tutu on to show Soren. And I can't blame him, there is something delightful about the swish of the tutu when one is moving around the dance floor.



We had family in town a few weekends ago. Although, technically, we always have family in town since Richard and Jess literally live in the same town as us. 

But Carolyn and the cousin formerly known as Baby Tate (who is a full-fledged toddler) also came, along with Jeff and Susan. Baby Beckett was blessed at church and we all had a lovely weekend, except for Paul who spent all of Saturday battling a stomach bug. 

I am so selfish when it comes to things like that. Sure, I'll bring you a soda and crackers, but don't expect me to get too close. I'm sorry your are sick, but really, better you than me, friend.