This picture is (relatively) old. It's from our homeschool Halloween party. I just like that Max's face is particularly appropriate to the speech bubble I am holding over his head.

A Max milestone post has been on my mind for a while. I keep meaning to count his words. He has many. At least fifty. Maybe a hundred. Some of his most frequently used words are:
Stop! (bop) (almost always directed at one of his sisters)
Banana (nana) He cannot get enough of them.
Mwah (kisses) He loves to kiss.
One funny word he has is cookie. Since he has only had, maybe 3-4 cookies since he started talking, you wouldn't think it would stick. But the samples last at Sam's club announced from across the produce aisle that she had cookies and Max not only picked up on that, but looked at me and said "Oooh! Cookie!" How could you not get the boy a cookie when he shows that kind of enthusiasm.

He has several phrases like "what's that?" and "switch sides" (yes, when he is breastfeeding) and he is constantly saying " Thank you" which seriously melts everyone's heart. The Costco sample people think he is the cutest thing because he grins at them and says thank you without being prompted.

He grabs my hand and puts my finger in his belly button when I am rocking him to sleep. Weird. But whatever.

He has gotten really into parts of the face and will point to anyone's nose and say nose if they get close enough. He also says eyes and hair. And can correctly identify other features.

Mostly he continues to charm us all. We love our little buddy.



I'm not sure what more there is to say. We went to the planetarium. It was cool. Hooray for field trips.

Plus Max is super cute.


Hygiene is for suckers

Me: Girls, you have to take a shower today.
Charlotte: Why?
Me: Because you are soooooo dirty!
Charlotte (smelling her knee): I don't smell bad! I smell like chicken!

For those of you worried, they did bathe. So my children smell like actual humans now. Not chickens.