It is for real this time... I think.

Well, this time, I think it is really spring. (Unlike last time.) How opportune that it happened on the first day of Spring. Happy Equinox, everybody! I discovered some crocuses peeking out from their winter slumber. The actual reason I planted crocuses was so that they could be an indicator of the arrival of Spring. It is often hard to judge in Idaho when you rely strictly on the weather. Ella and I ate lunch with the back door open, sitting in the Sun this afternoon. It was gorgeous! And I wore flipflops ALL DAY LONG!! It was in the low sixties today, and my seasonal affect disorder made me feel like everything in the whole world was wonderful. We walked to the library, and Great Harvest Bread, and the local Co-Op. And basically I haven't been in this good of a mood since August.


Tyla Majors said...

I wore flip-flops today, too - wasn't it an amazing feeling :)?

The Jacksons said...

I love it! We have been having nice weather for weeks. But today it was cloudy and overcast most of the day. And today I thought, "this is Spring?" :)