Just the two of us: My weekend with...

Ella. Yeah, I know, I should have brought Paul for a romantic weekend away... but he was decidedly tired of traveling, so Ella and I headed down to Provo to see my mom and Archie, who were in town visiting Ella's brand new (sort-of) cousin. (To the McLauchlins: Are our children cousins? I'm okay with it if you are.) Sophia Anna McLauchlin, who you can read more about here.
The irony of the weekend is that I brought two different cameras (video and still) and took no pictures! But it was a nice, relaxing weekend. I stayed at Grandma Christensen's house and got to go out to breakfast with her and Richard and Jess, but the rest of the time I spent at Chase and Christina's. Todd and Lisa came too and we had quite a party. I'll tell you one thing, those McLauchlins sure know how to eat. I'm basically still stuffed from last weekend. :)
I am home safe and sound now, with a husband who tries to convince me that he misses me, but I think secretly enjoys his bachlorhood when he can get it :)


The Jacksons said...

You crack me up. Please tell me that Christina is your cousin, because she looks A LOT like you! Oh, how I love babies. :)

chadmajo said...

Hey Jess,
Just found your blog. I think we need to call them cousins. It would be too confusing if we didn't.
Yes, the McLauchlins do know how to eat.