Church Antics.

Ella's new "trick" is blowing through her mouth to make a raspberry sound. She got this from me, because I give her tummy raspberries every time I change her diaper to get her to lay still. Well, on Sunday during Sacrament Meeting she decides to practice this newfound skill. Of course Paul eggs her on by making the same sound softly in her ear, and she loves that. What we did not consider was that our pew was surrounded by little kids. So as soon as she starts blowing, so do the other kids. Suddenly there is a chorus of raspberries from our end of the chapel. No less than six children have joined in the fray! There is spittle running down everyone's chin (because they are a little bit young for spit control). Parents are hushing and shushing, except for Paul, that is, who continues to do his part by softly making raspberries in Ella's ear. I was amused.


Anonymous said...

That's so funny! Love y'all!

Jess and Richard said...

Haha. That is awesome! I love it!

doting mom said...

I am so shocked that our sweet Paul could be such an instigator! :) You will soon have your hands full trying to control those two!!