Mac and Tomato Juice.

Paul's family grew up eating a dish that is called Mac and Tomato Juice. If you can guess by the descriptive title, it consists of maccaroni noodles, tomato juice, and (the secret ingredient) cottage cheese. This meal dates back to the childhood of Paul's father, as far as I can tell, and every branch of the family has its own twist on the meal; some include cheese, some really pile on the cottage cheese, others go heavy on the tomato juice, making more souplike in consistency. I was skeptical of the fare early on in our relationship, but I have grown to love it. (Think lasagna, they are realtives. Except lasagna is a little classier than its cousin M&TJ.)

Well, mark this date down in history. Ella had her first taste of Mac and Tomato Juice this very night! And let me tell you, she is a fan. (Which is a good thing, because if you truly understood the loyalty and love that the Christensens have for this traditional fodder, you would understand the high likelihood of being disowned that would come with any expression of distaste for the meal.) Well, I took pictures, and here they are.

And as a bonus I have included her first foray in to sprouts! (Thanks to the Idaho Falls Co-Op who had sunflower sprouts on sale, and to the Davis California Farmer's Market who introduced me to this yummy treat.) Sorry about the blurriness. She moves constantly when she eats. Actually, she just moves constantly, it's just worse when I'm trying to get a close up :)


Jess and Richard said...

I will never give into that tradition...haha...good thing Ella likes it though.

Susan said...

You missed a generation--Ask Grandma about the tradition!

doting mom said...

I don't think I could talk Arch into trying that particular delectable treat, but Ella looks like she is thriving on it. I love the close up, but it makes me long to kiss her sweet cheeks!

Lindsay said...

We'll have to try this one with you so Paul can supervise the process. I'm game, but Clark doesn't do cottage cheese. Maybe the homemade ricotta will count?