The Bull Auction.

Well, friends, today Paul, Ella, and I attended a Bull Auction, and it was thrilling. I am not even kidding. You know how when you are in a crowd, and you feel the energy of that crowd, and so even though you have no interest in buying or even looking at a bull, you still feel the universal aura of excitement about an impending auction? Well, that's what it was like. We went and had a yummy lunch (beef) for the pre-auction. (I was hoping they would grill up one of the cows from the herd they were auctioning today, but I realized pretty quickly that that would have been a very expensive meal, we are talking about $5000 bulls.) And then heard a real auctioneer do his thing. It was positively musical. It was even cooler than on the movies. This guy was amazing. I have included a video below (Lot 98). Thanks to Frank (owner of the Riverbend Ranch and Melaleuca) for inviting all of his employees to attend.


The Jacksons said...

That is awesome. I have never heard a real auctioneer before! I love that you went to a bull auction! You crack me up! I miss you.

Tyla Majors said...

Hey Jessi! Your mom gave me your blog, so I could link us. I love that you are always doing interesting things... hope you are well! Tyla (