Two's company... five's a crowd.

Well, Mom and Archie spent a romantic weekend in San Antonio for Valentine's day... the only catch was they had to let Ella, Paul, and me come along. Really, though, is there anything better than a long weekend in the sultry heat of San Antonio, accompanied by three marvelous tag-alongs?!

So we saw the sights, we walked the riverwalk, we remembered the Alamo, we took about a million pictures (mostly Paul and Arch). The one above is courtesy of Paul. And then had an intimate dinner on Valentine's night at the Golden Chick. It was, unfortunately, the only restaurant in LaGrange (home of the "best little whorehouse in Texas") that did not require a reservation. I think Mom and Archie were really glad we came...


The Jacksons said...

I love it! You are so funny. You should have seen Dee while you were in San Antonio. That is where she lives!

AL and Jake said...

That does sound incredibly romantic:) I don't know what Mom and Archie would have done without you! Though I can't say I'm envious of the heat, the rest sounds fabulous! How long are you on this vacation?