The Art Fair.

Our last day in Phoenix we went to this amazing art festival with nearly five hundred artists, and more funnel cake than anyone could hope for. The finer points of the day: Ella had a cold and Paul and I both wore black shirts, which resulted in abundant snot marks all over both of us. A disgruntled sandal-artisan complained to us that no one was buying his wares, send a salesperson next time. I got a signed poster of the local sherriff who is famous for tough punishments (They have a jail composed entirely of tents. In Phoenix. In the summer.) He wrote: "Ella, stay out of jail. Sherriff Joe" I'm going to frame it for her room. Cowgirls need to be living on the edge of the law, in my opinion. Last, but not least, we ate fresh fried potato chips. Yum. So good. We spent the whole day laughing and talking and enjoying all of the fun stuff that was on display. (Without buying anything... not even sandals.) Yeah for vacation!

In order of people looking at the camera:

Paul, Jess, Carolyn, Chad, Susan.

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Archiemc said...

I am so jealous that you got Sheriff Joes Autograph... He's my Hero!
Some day I will tell you some of his stories while I lived in AZ.