Am I a blogging machine or what?

Well, it's official. Ella loves to swim, as I knew she would. We had a blast at the pool, and although the weather wasn't that warm (mid-seventies), the pools are HEATED! So it was basically just perfect. It is our new plan to "winter" in Phoenix yearly. Or we could just leave our frozen home permanently... We'll see. :) Here is a picture of Paul, Ella, and Auntie Carolyn (read: "Ahhhn-tee"). Ella got a new tooth in Phoenix, she starting repeating syllables (she is a pro at da-da-da-da, but refuses to go the ma-ma route), so that is her exciting developmental progress. One last Phoenix post and our vacation is over!

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The Jacksons said...

I love all your posts about your vacation. Looks like a fun time! You totally should have stopped in Colorad. We have warm weather and sunshine, too! :) I miss you. You look fantastic!