Cool Mom.

I have a confession. It's a little embarrassing. But probably normal. When I was a kid (I'm talking adolescence), I thought my mom was basically the Anti-Cool. I mean, I really liked her and everything. I never had a big problem with my mom. But as far as the coolness factor, she was not even on the charts. Although, in my defence, some of my reasoning for this assessment of 'coolness' was based on the fact that she said "Whoa, baby!" (think Kimmy from Full House) on a regular basis. That is still not cool.

Well, you may think I am doomed to be relegated to uncoolness by my girls. But I feel like I am paving a new path in motherly coolness. Not only did Ella notice that I got cool new plaid shoes. (See example in her Mother's Day Out Easter Egg Hunt picture above.) But she really likes them. That is because I have impeccable taste. And I am cool. So, if we can just hang on to this sentiment for another, say, seventeen years, I am set.

As you might notice from the Easter Egg Hunt picture, she enjoyed getting eggs. But didn't really feel the drive that the other children felt. Once she had one, she was very happy just to watch. I had to strongly encourage her to get as many as she did (four). She's so chill. Although as I am typying this she is thowing bread on the table in disgust because I won't let her walk around while eating it. So not completely chill. But mostly chill. Similar to cool. Maybe one day she will be as cool as me.
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Tim and Katie Jean said...

you are SO a cool mom and I love your guts.