On being a mother of two.

This afternoon I found fermented pink lemonade in a sippy cup in our car. Ella was insistent that she should be allowed to have a drink of it. I played the parent card and said "no". As some of you may know, I have actually partaken of fermented pink lemonade, and it is not something I would wish on anyone... but at least it will go down in history as one of my finest moments. My roommates promised that they would talk about it forever, and I know that they must be true to their words, and it is a frequently requested bedtime story for children all over the country now.

I ran out of pants (that fit) because I haven't done laundry in so long. (Although I haven't resorted to wearing swimsuits, yet, so the situation isn't that dire.) Unfortunately I had a doctor's appointment, so I had to wear something other than grungy pajama pants. I scrounged up a pair of shorts and was off. It wasn't until I walked outside and felt a cool breeze lifting my ridiculously long leg hair that I realized I haven't shaved since last summer.

An actual conversation with Paul:

Me: "Do you think I look too skinny?"
Paul: "No."
Me: "You don't think I look unhealthy? I think I am too skinny."
Paul: "No, you could lose a lot of weight and still be thicker."

Thanks, honey.

For those of you who are worried, I did ask him to clarify what 'thicker' means. He just meant I am not as slender as I was before I got pregnant. It is hard for me to tell, because I am just looking at a body that lost a lot of weight (you know, a baby and all its trimmings) really fast. It is weird to not be pregnant. And I just want to make sure that I don't lose the curves that qualify me for the definition of "Greek Goddess". Still got it.

All in all, my children are fed, and usually happy. My house is a mess, and my heart is full. I could spend hours staring at my newborn. I could spend hours staring at Ella, but she never stops moving, so I don't get the chance. Double the pleasure, double the fun. I definitely recommend two.


Sarah and Troy said...

Speaking of fermented lemonade, last week I stayed a night at Emily's and we rehashed "The Incident" in Panama City. You did the coolest things and we still talk about them.

Jill-O said...

I thought it was orange juice? Regardless, I have pictures of it!You are making the most hilarious face. You don't have on any pants though, so you probably won't want them to post. I lurve you!