A Hairy Experience.

As you may have noticed, Paul has decided to grow a beard. We only have the one picture of the beard so far (see blog heading), but there will be more to come. Because he only has two months to grow a beard, Paul wants to make sure we get lots of pictures to document it.

Paul started growing the beard on March 12, the day he officially accepted his internship offer at AT&T. And he will shave it sometime around May 17, when he begins his internship. Basically, he feels like he doesn't have to impress anyone for these few short months, so he has adopted the mountain man look.

The funny thing is, since beard growing coincided with the birth of our second child, most of the world just thinks life is too hectic at the Christensen house for Paul to have time to shave. "I noticed Paul was looking a little haggard at church", was the comment I got from one woman the other day. Maybe that's why people are still offering to bring in meals even though it's been an entire month since I birthed anyone. It's a nice perk, anyway.


Sarah and Troy said...

That picture is amazing! You look fantastic. Troy recently decided to go with the mtn man look as well. Maybe it's actually a form of an impending midlife crisis or something.

Jenny said...

Chris grew a beard for the same reason a few years ago...still there. Love the blue bonnets!

Alan and Lynette said...

Cute fam!! You look great...and, fyi, you should probably photoshop on a few more pounds lest other recently post-prego'd women go out of their minds in jealous rage...
I'm glad you are loving two! and Texas:)