I made dinner tonight.

It was the first time I have cooked a meal from scratch since Charlotte was born. I have been relying on freezer meals, Paul, kind friends, Pasta, Paul's Mom, and occasionally Papa Murphy's. It felt really good to cook. Ella has really grown up in the last month, she was surprisingly more adept in the kitchen... or at least more than I remember her being. Maybe it's just because I am comparing her to a newborn (scratch that, she's five and a half weeks she is now officially an infant). It's kind of ridiculous how long I was able to go without making a real meal. I can tell you're dying to know what we ate. I'm kind of proud of it, actually, since I didn't really plan on cooking. (Still haven't made a solid trip to the grocery store since giving birth. Just little trips for incidentals.)

We had Rosemary Red Potatoes with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. Feta and Walnut Salad with a (homemade) Red Wine Vinaigrette, Fresh Strawberries, and Peas. Ella loves Peas. We have them at least four times a week. It was supremely yummy. Almost vegan. And totally healthy. It really felt good to cook. And eat.

So, you can imagine why blogging has not been at the top of my priorities list if I am just now getting around to fixing dinner. :) I'm working on it. One day I am going to be one of those "together" Moms. Maybe next week.

For now, we are enjoying the lovely weather and spending lots of mornings and afternoons at the park. Charlotte is a sweetheart and loves snuggling with me in her wrap. Best baby investment ever. Ever.

Here's to the hope that blogging becomes regular again!

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Linds said...

I love peas, too. Good job on dinner! It sounds SO good - let's make it together when we come.
Also, I really like Paul's beard. I hope we get a chance to glimpse it in real life before he bares his face for his internship.