This is dedicated to the baby sleeping on the floor.

Well, the morning was progressing as usual. Ella got up and grinned at us for a while as we cooed at her and loved on her. She is truly a morning person. Paul left for work, and Ella and I got busy feeding her breakfast. She is not as passionate about breakfast as I am... she is her father's daughter in that way, I guess. She eats a little and then talks with me for a little, and then eats a little more. This continues for a while until she stops eating and gets bored of chatting with her mom. So that's when floor time begins. I put her on her tummy, and went into the other room to put on some good brain music. Queen. I like to expose her to the Classics. (Side note: We were driving and she was fussing the other day when "Hotel California" by the Eagles came on the radio. She calmed right down, I kid you not.)

Well, when I left Ella this is what she looked like:

And when I came back into the room, this is what I found:

My daughter had the nerve to roll over for the first time without letting me watch! Well, you can imagine my shock and surprise. (I think she may have been confused as to why I was yelling in delight.) So, I put her back on her belly in hopes of a repeat performance. No luck, yet. However, I can tell you right now that she will be spending the bulk of her day on her tummy.
I did let her take a break so she could nap this morning. Unfortunately, her morning nap is usually on the guest bed upstairs so I can hear her. Now the fear of moving in her sleep has been realized, she has been relegated to the floor.

The crib is just too far away when I'm upstairs getting things done. But I'm probably going to have to give in soon enough. The child can't nap on the floor forever. :) Well, gang, that's the news here. Wish me luck in my child-watch. I'll catch her in the act even if I have to give up cleaning to do so. (It's a big sacrifice, but one I'm willing to make... for the sake of motherhood.)


Archiemc said...

We're baaaaack. We really missed seeing the pics, but we will see you monday!

Jess said...

That is so fun that Ella rolled over, I am sorry that you missed it. :( Has she started doing it more now?