I like that I don't have to feel guilty for obsessing about my daughter when I blog here.

On facebook I feel that I should retain a semblance of individuality, instead of the reality, which is that my existence has merged with that of Ella. Lucky for us, we are family here, so we can all be obsessed about Ella without embarrassment. We'll call ourselves Ellaholics Anonymous. My name is Jess and I'm an Ellaholic. Thank you for sharing, Jess.

Life has been so stinkin' good lately. We are starting to get on a schedule, and I actually got up this morning and went to the gym. (Ella didn't wake up until 5am to eat, and then I figured, well, I'm up, I'll just go. So she and Paul snuggled while I sweated.) I came home and went back to sleep. I wasn't actually that sleepy, but it is rare that her naps are convenient enough for me to get one in as well.

We went to Provo last weekend and pretty much just spent the whole time hanging at Grandma's and playing the Wii (which Paul naturally brought along.) It was great. Is there really anything better than laziness with those you love? I think not. We took some cute pictures of Ella, too. (Nothing like a good hobby to get you up and going.)


AL and Jake said...

Those cheeks are killing me!:) Cute kid! Who do you think you are having energy AND motivation to get to the gym this soon after having a I need more ice cream... :)

Susan said...

Cutest picture of Budda ever! This photo will remain on my fridge till the ice-man cometh.