It's snowing. Right this very minute.

This is Ella. She is having her floor time wrapped up like an eskimo baby, because it is too gosh darn cold for her to be exposed to the harsh elements of our home.

Here is the living proof. I took this picture literally three minutes ago. The sad thing is that in the last three minutes, so much more snow has accumulated that I am seriously considering taking another one. Although that would be breaking Cardinal Rule #2: Avoid snow at all costs. (Ask Paul about Cardinal Rule #1.)

On a more optimistic note, the first snow of the year means that I can officially listen to Christmas music with pride. In fact, my good ol' buddy Bing is serenading me at this very moment.

Well, gang. Sorry about the break in posts. I've been visiting the Chosen Land. (Yes, I did go outdoor swimming just last week. And I can still swim faster than my cousins.) I'm going to just post things in chronological order from now on, and ignore the fact that we are three weeks behind. (But a three week delay on reporting my snow just wouldn't be the same.) Happy Holidays!

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Jess and Richard said...

That is depressing...I'm not gonna lie...I am sooo not ready for snow!