I only need to post one picture today.

And here it is:

The picture of domesticity.

Saturday I canned a bushel of peaches. Sunday I made a yummy soup with zucchini and tomatoes out of the garden. The salad was almost entirely garden grown as well (but it was from Lindsay's garden, so it doesn't count as much). Then on Monday I got up and made whole wheat bread from wheat that I ground myself (in an electric grinder... so also a little bit of a cheat. Next time I'm using a mortar and pestle, for sure.) :) And this morning I woke up and had some of my homemade whole wheat bread with my canned applesauce from last year. How self-sufficient am I? I'm thinking about getting a dairy goat for the backyard, and then we can stop going to the store altogether. So, we're pretty much set if disaster strikes. After all, in my basement I have a year's supply of cereal and kleenex. What more do you really need?


AL and Jake said...

You are a funny girl! Glad to hear you have been so dedicated to obtaining a year's supply and being self-sufficient:) Also...glad to hear that the thyroid thing is did I not know that? I thought I knew EVERYTHING! :)

Susan said...

I have the most darling daughter-in-law in the world! I had no idea that incubating inside of her was a domestic goddess. I will be eternally grateful that my grandchildren will have her to look up to as they go through life!