"Our State Fair is a great State Fair"

Well this week is the Eastern Idaho State Fair down in Blackfoot, ID. (Incidentally, also home of the Potato Museum. It's a hot spot for tourists, as I'm sure you can imagine.) This is all I have to say: Why did I not spend my year getting ready for this glorious event!? Next year I am entering everything I can into the State Fair. Cookies, quilts, photos, sheep, flowers... I think I could have placed in the sunflower competition, mine are beautiful, now that they have finally bloomed :)

So we did more Ella-bundling. Because it is still cold. (Hurumph.) And we toured the fair! Paul was our photographer, mainly, and in the grand tradition of Paul, took lots of pictures of food. The baked goods competition was really fun, and we dared each other to eat some of the goodies on display, but neither of us could get up the nerve. He also got lots of pictures of livestock. Now, I know that he says he doesn't want to have a farm. But I'm pretty sure that in his heart of hearts, I believe he too dreams of a homestead where we can frolic with our lambs in the spring, and eat our own chickens. (I don't think I could eat any other farm animal that I actually owned. Chickens are vicious. I could eat one that I knew, no problem.)

We used the wrap to cart Ella around, which was nice because she fell asleep just before the Poison concert began. I am not thinking she will be much of a fan of Poison. But, one never knows. Ella was awake long enough to witness the gargantuan pumpkin competition. I'm glad she didn't have to miss that one.

All in all, we had a grand old time. I never would have imagined the State Fair to be such an entertaining event. Put it on your calenders for next year, folks!


Archiemc said...

Next time ou "go hunting" at the Gocery store, envision that chicken you are holding ,alive, flapping it wings in desperation as you are about to cut it's head off than watch it scrammble in random directions as the head lies on the dirt in front ofyou, Then take the dead corpes, start plucking what sees to be a thousand feathers, and you haven't even started!

Next you dip the putrid body in hot boiling water to rid it of the down that is impossible to pluck.

Then after splitting it from "stem to stern" the guts and blood section comes next. Finally you get a whole chicken, attached neck (or whats remaining) and all. "Paul, Ella, We are having spagetti tonight!!!"

Jess and Paul said...

I'm just going to have a butcher do it for me! Bring him the chickens, pick 'em up later! No fuss, no mess!