I feel lonely without my faithful sidekick.

It's true folks! She's taking a nap without me. I can ride out phases that only last a few days :) Well, gang, it's been a good Friday all in all. I went and got a biopsy on my thyroid nodule... well I was supposed to get biopsied, but one of the nodules has calcified, and he couldn't get the needle through the calcium layer. There are multiple nodules, but he chose the calcified one to poke. I personally would have aimed for another lump, and he did express uncertainty about whether the needle would pierce that particular nodule. But, in the infinite wisdom of a doctor, he just poked the hard one to no avail. So I now have a bruised neck and nothing to show for it. Well, they did get lots of good ultrasound pictures to compare to my last ultrasound, so that's good. If you want my guess, my doctor will probably be ordering another biopsy. Whatever works.
We got Ella all bundled up on Tuesday and went to a Chuckars baseball game. Does anyone actually know what a Chuckar is? Anyhow, bundled up being the key word, because it was downright frigid. I've been timing it, and summer has lasted a grand total of two months and one week, if we start counting from the last snow up to last Tuesday where temperatures at night dropped into the 30's at night. There is only one word for a summer this short: Immoral. We have got to get ourselves out of Outer Darkness and into Celestial Paradise. Texas here we come.
Well, if you have been looking for a show where the protagonist is a singing villain who falls in love at a laundromat, have I got news for you! Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog is here!( This is the flat-out funniest thing I have seen in months.

Happy Weekend!

Last Sunday's Nap


Archiemc said...

A Chucker is a game bird. Something that you hunt and eat. Like a Pheasant only not as pretty or as large... but larger than a Dove that they hunt here in Texas.

AL and Jake said...

Hi! When did you find us? I was randomly reading through old comments and found you:) Ella is ADORABLE...and congrats on her sleeping without you again...and btw...what's up with the thyroid?

Susan said...

Winter for Ella will mean clothes. I wonder how she and her mother will adjust....?