A shout out to the equinox.

Well, It's fall here.  I use the term fall loosely, because it isn't anything like the autumns across the rest of the country.  Our arboretum has to buy hundreds of thousands of pounds of ornamental (and edible) gourds in order to display the fall colors here.  But I'm not complaining.  If this were Idaho, people would feel that this weather is suitable for swimming.  But it is not.  I personally don't believe in swimming unless it is at least 95F.  So we haven't been swimming in weeks.  Sometimes we even put on our cardigans... in the mornings... early mornings.  Basically it warms up as soon as the sun is out.  Still not complaining.  We have many more days of outside play waiting for us this year.  And that will make up for all the days we didn't go outside in the oppressive heat during the summer.  And so life is good.

I'm just glad it's winter squash season.  I'm not glad that our winter squash is crazy expensive here.  (A dollar a pound, and those bad boys are heavy.)  So you will find me in the ornamental gourd section, with my phone out, trying to identify all the squash that is labeled "mixed variety pumpkins" to figure out which ones are edible.  Because those guys are only 40 cents a pound.  And I love love love squash.

One day, I will have a root cellar, and I will store enough squash to eat one a day every day until late spring (when winter squash starts tasting mealy).  Because when you buy squash in that quantity, they are as sure as heck not going to charge you a dollar a pound.  And then my life will be complete.

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