Introducing the newest member of our family...


I know.  It's kind of a crazy name for a male fish.  But we asked Ella what she wanted to name him, and Xena was her choice.  I don't know where she got it.  Unless she is remembering that that was her womb name when she was a fetus.  But, I find that highly unlikely.

So, he sits on our dining room table, and we feed him at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I have to say, I really like the fish.  And I'm pretty sure he likes me, too.  Because every time I come by the bowl, he swims around like crazy doing his little beta dance for me.

Long term, I think he's going to get rocks and a plant.  But we decided on a $10 limit for a new pet, and since the fish cost $4, and the food cost $3, he was lucky that he even got a bowl.  Otherwise we would have had to keep him in the bathroom sink.  And that would have been awkward for house guests.

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Sarah and Troy said...

Old blenders are pretty awesome beta bowls.