How did this happen?

Ella has been interested in writing for a while now, and she's been learning to write letters here and there.   And asking how to write basically everyone's name, including her own.  But she blew me away Sunday when she just busted out with her own name without any help.  It was pretty exciting.  We've started working on reading, because she has shown so much interest in letters and she has all of her letter recognition down, so we're learning phonetic recognition now.  I bought a program called Rocket Phonics.  I think the name is a little misleading.  Our progress has not, shall we say, been faster than a speeding bullet.  But Ella asks to 'play' Rocket Phonics nearly everyday, and so we are just now starting to see real progress.  We've only had the program for two weeks, so I guess that's not bad.  But, in my parental visions of teaching my precocious child how to read, I thought we would at least be ready for Hop On Pop by now.  :)  Like a Rocket!  You know?  Maybe next week. :)


The Jolley Family said...

Holy cow! That's awesome!

Linds said...

I'm thinking it's good you didn't name her Jasmine or Persephone. But even if you did, she would probably be spelling those because, as we all know, Ella is definitely above average.

Good job to both of you. :)