We got a new cousin!

And by "we", I mean Ella and Charlotte have a new cousin.  His name is Soren.  And he is beautiful.  And we live only twenty minutes away from him, so everyone is going to be best friends.  Finally!  A cousin!  Let's keep them coming!  (You know who you are.  I have spoken to you personally, and I still think you should be  having babies to keep my children company.)

Don't you want a picture like this of your future child and Ella?  She is really sweet with babies.  It *almost* makes me want to have another one.

Speaking of cute babies.  Try this one on for size.

Although, baby isn't quite the right word to describe this little girl.  But we still call her "the baby" (or just, "baby") more often than not.  But she's getting to be less and less of one every day.  At night, though...  That is a different story.  Still not my star sleeper.  I will not go in to details here, because that inevitably results in advice, which I am really not interested in getting.  But for posterity's sake.  And because I like to whine.  And to make other people feel better about their stellar parenting.  Just know that I long for a full night's rest. And I have only had three full nights of sleep in the last nineteen months.   :)  I know.  Now you think I'm the crazy parent.  Ah, it was inevitable.


~Cmac~ said...

I don't sleep either. And I hate advice. We're in the same club!

The Jolley Family said...

If it makes you feel any better, Bella still wakes up to snuggle in my bed with me in the middle of the night. I love to snuggle with her so I don't mind, but only for a few minutes because I can't sleep with her in my bed. So, don't worry, you are not the only crazy parent. Haha! Hope you are doing well. We miss you and your family!