Did I hear a 'niner' in there?

Well.  As you may have guessed.  Our family recently flew across the country in a Cessna 221.  The cabin was pressurized, so we could fly at a pretty high altitude.  But it was still pretty loud in there, and we had to wear these awesome headsets to hear each other talk.

Paul's cousin has a plane and flew us out to Utah for Paul's other cousin's wedding.  It was pretty sweet.  Six hours of flight time.  No baggage claim necessary.  We officially have a new cousin-in-law.  And had a fabulous time at all the wedding festivities.  It was so good to see family out it Utah.  Paul flew home Wednesday, and I drove up to Idaho Falls (in the car that we bought in Utah).  And so begins leg two of my very long vacation.  Everyone in Idaho is missing Paul sorely and wishes he could be here to visit.  And I am glad I have someone to fund my cross country travels, but I miss him too.  Single parenting on vacation isn't all the fun you think it will be.

The word "vacation" conjures up images of relaxing days with loved ones in far distant lands while my children play merrily in the background.  But they miss their dad, and their bed, and their quiet times, and their dad....  And bedtime isn't nearly as fun when it's two to one :)  We're surviving though, and loving being here with Clark and Lindsay and the Desmonds.  It's been a great trip.

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