And we're back.

And I'm just shocked at how few pictures we got on our trip.  But, you'll just have to trust me when I say that we had a great time with friends and family.  We miss everyone already.  You should all move to Texas.

Also, Richard and Jess are moving to Texas.  So, we will soon have a cousin here in our very city.  As soon as he is born.  (Which should be in September or October.  So, we don't have long to wait.)  We are so excited about this new development that we periodically have conversations like this:

Jess:  Can you believe Richard and Jess are moving here!
Paul: No!  It is unreal.

And by periodically, I mean, about four times a day.

(Richard is Paul's brother.)

We are now on the job hunt.  Because Paul's Dad needs a job here.  So does Amanda, but I don't think she'll move.  But we want her to anyway.  Because Carolyn is already here.  And who ever thought that would happen?  Texas was not on her "list of places that she would willingly move".

I think we might have a disease called Texan-itis and everyone is catching it.  Watch out.  You may be next.


Susan said...

Let's find Dad a job so I can play with my babies!

Linds said...

We could totally catch a case of Texanitis if you know of any jobs for an instructional designer and an aimless student.