Another Independence day come and gone.

Ours was delightful.

It consisted of breakfast with the ward, and swimming, and naptime for three of the four members of our family.  I’m not going to tell you who didn’t take a nap.  But I will tell you that that person opted to watch Blue’s Clues instead.

After naps we decided to go to see African Cats at the Dollar Theatre; which was made all the more enjoyable with a running commentary by Ella Joy herself.  Then we headed home for dinner, and yes, another round of swimming.   And so I’m not sure if Ella has really grasped the full import of this holiday, but she did enjoy it.

Actually, so did Charlotte.  She definitely knows what swimming is and when we say the word she responds by clapping her hands and saying "Yea!"

She is a fearless non-swimmer, and jumper.  And although we didn't catch any airborne pictures, you get the general idea.  She consistently tries to wriggle out of our arms in the water and we try to let her flounder underwater for a few seconds to see if we can instill a little fear.  No luck so far.

Ella on the other hand has officially, as of today, transitioned into the swimmer category.  Yes, we took off her floatie, and she just went for it, and made it a good ten or twelve feet swimming on her own with her face in the water.  What a rock star.  We start swimming lessons next week, so hopefully we'll be able to improve her technique a little bit.

Here's hoping everyone else's Fourth was as enjoyable!

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